Maltose/Sucrose/D-Glucose Assay Kit-Megazyme试剂盒

Maltose/Sucrose/D-Glucose Assay Kit-Megazyme试剂盒
英文名:Maltose/Sucrose/D-Glucose Assay Kit
规格:100 assays per kit (34 of each).
品牌: Megazyme
Product code: K-MASUG

100 assays (34 of each) per kit

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Content: 100 assays (34 of each) per kit
Shipping Temperature: Ambient
Storage Temperature: Short term stability: 2-8oC,
Long term stability: See individual component labels
Stability: > 2 years under recommended storage conditions
Analyte: D-Glucose, Maltose, Sucrose
Assay Format: Spectrophotometer
Detection Method: Absorbance
Wavelength (nm): 340
Signal Response: Increase
Linear Range: 4 to 80 µg of D-glucose, or maltose per assay (8 to 160 µg of sucrose per assay)
Limit of Detection: 1.5 mg/L
Reaction Time (min): ~ 25 min
Application examples: Beer, fruit juices, soft drinks, milk, jam, honey, dietetic foods, baby foods, bread, sugar products, bakery products, candies, desserts, confectionery, chocolate, ice-cream, fruit and vegetables, condiments, tobacco, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, paper and other materials (e.g. biological cultures, samples, etc.).
Method recognition: Methods based on this principle have been accepted by AOAC, EN, NEN, NF, DIN, GOST, OIV, IFU, AIJN and MEBAK

内容:每个试剂盒 100 次检测(每种 34 次)
稳定性:在推荐的储存条件下 > 2 年
线性范围:每次测定 4 到 80 µg D-葡萄糖或麦芽糖(每次测定 8 到 160 µg 蔗糖)
检测限:1.5 mg/L
反应时间(分钟):~ 25 分钟
应用实例:啤酒、果汁、汽水、牛奶、果酱、蜂蜜、营养食品、婴儿食品、面包、糖制品、烘焙产品、糖果、甜点、糖果、巧克力、冰淇淋、水果和蔬菜、调味品、烟草 、化妆品、药品、纸张和其他材料(例如生物培养物、样品等)。

The Maltose/Sucrose/D-Glucose Assay Kit is suitable for the measurement and analysis of maltose, sucrose and D-glucose in plant and food products.

Note for Content: The number of manual tests per kit can be doubled if all volumes are halved.  This can be readily accommodated using the MegaQuantTM  Wave Spectrophotometer (D-MQWAVE).

麦芽糖/蔗糖/D-葡萄糖检测试剂盒适用于测量和分析植物和食品中的麦芽糖、蔗糖和 D-葡萄糖。

内容注意事项:如果所有体积减半,每个试剂盒的手动测试数量可以翻倍。 使用 MegaQuantTM 波分光光度计 (D-MQWAVE) 可以轻松满足这一要求。

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Maltose/Sucrose/D-Glucose Assay Kit

  • Very competitive price (cost per test)
  • All reagents stable for > 2 years after preparation
  • Rapid reaction
  • Mega-Calc™ software tool is available from our website for hassle-free raw data processing
  • Standard included
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Safety Information
Symbol : GHS05, GHS08
Signal Word : Danger
Hazard Statements : H314, H334, H360
Precautionary Statements : P202, P261, P264, P280, P284, P301+P330+P331, P304+P340, P342+P311, P501
Safety Data Sheet
Maltose/Sucrose/D-Glucose Assay Kit

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