Cellulase Assay Kit (CellG3 Method)-Megazyme试剂盒

Cellulase Assay Kit (CellG3 Method)-Megazyme试剂盒
英文名:Cellulase Assay Kit (CELLG3 Method)
规格:180 / 360 assays per kit / 720 (auto-analyser)
品牌: Megazyme
Product code: K-CellG3

180 / 360 assays per kit

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Content: 180 / 360 assays per kit
Shipping Temperature: Ambient
Storage Temperature: Short term stability: 2-8oC,
Long term stability: See individual component labels
Stability: > 2 years under recommended storage conditions
Analyte: endo-Cellulase
Assay Format: Spectrophotometer, Auto-analyser
Detection Method: Absorbance
Wavelength (nm): 400
Signal Response: Increase
Limit of Detection: 0.05 U/mL
Reproducibility (%): ~ 3%
Total Assay Time: ~ 20 min
Application examples: Fermentation broths, industrial enzyme preparations and biofuels research.
Method recognition: Novel method

内容:每个试剂盒 180 / 360 次检测
稳定性:在推荐的储存条件下 > 2 年
检测限:0.05 U/mL
再现性(%):~ 3%
总测定时间:~ 20 分钟

The CellG3 assay reagent for the measurement of endo-cellulase (endo-1,4-β-glucanase) contains two components;
1) 4,6-O-benzylidene-2-chloro-4-nitrophenyl-β-D-cellotrioside (BCNPG3) and 2) thermostable β-glucosidase. The benzylidene blocking group prevents any hydrolytic action by the β-glucosidase on BCNPG3.  Incubation with an endo-cellulase generates a non-blocked colourimetric oligosaccharide that is rapidly hydrolysed by the ancillary β-glucosidase.  The rate of formation of 2-chloro-4-nitrophenol is therefore directly related to the hydrolysis of BCNPG3 by the endo-cellulase.  The reaction is terminated and the phenolate colour is developed on addition of Tris buffer solution (pH 9.0).

Please note that a new assay kit (K-CellG5) is now available for the measurement of endo-cellulase.  The CellG5 reagent contains a cellopentaose core and exhibits vastly improved sensitivity for some cellulases.  In addition, the exchange of the benzylidene blocking group in CellG3 for 3-keto-butylidene in CellG5 improves the substrate’s water solubility significantly, allowing for a reduction in the concentration of DMSO required in the assay.  As DMSO is known to inhibit certain cellulases, this is another benefit in using CellG5.  Megazyme now recommends the use of K-CellG5 for all assays for the measurement of endo-cellulase.

用于测量内切纤维素酶(内切 1,4-β-葡聚糖酶)的 CellG3 检测试剂包含两种成分;
1) 4,6-O-benzylidene-2-chloro-4-nitrophenyl-β-D-cellotrioside (BCNPG3) 和 2) 热稳定的 β-葡萄糖苷酶。亚苄基封闭基团可防止 β-葡萄糖苷酶对 BCNPG3 的任何水解作用。与内切纤维素酶一起孵育会产生一种非封闭的比色寡糖,该寡糖会被辅助β-葡萄糖苷酶快速水解。因此,2-氯-4-硝基苯酚的形成速度与内切纤维素酶对 BCNPG3 的水解直接相关。反应终止,加入 Tris 缓冲溶液 (pH 9.0) 后酚盐颜色显色。

请注意,现在有一种新的检测试剂盒 (K-CellG5) 可用于测量内切纤维素酶。 CellG5 试剂含有一个纤维五糖核心,对某些纤维素酶的敏感性大大提高。此外,将 CellG3 中的亚苄基封闭基团替换为 CellG5 中的 3-酮亚丁基,显着提高了底物的水溶性,从而降低了检测中所需的 DMSO 浓度。由于已知 DMSO 会抑制某些纤维素酶,因此这是使用 CellG5 的另一个好处。 Megazyme 现在建议在所有测定内切纤维素酶的测定中使用 K-CellG5。

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Cellulase Assay Kit (CellG3 Method)

  • Very cost effective
  • All reagents stable for > 2 years after preparation
  • Completely specific for cellulase (endo-1,4-glucanase). The substrate is not hydrolysed by β-glucosidase, cellbiohyrolase or any other enzymes tested
  • Kinetic assays possible due to significant phenolate ion presence (and UV absorbance) at pH 5-6
  • Simple format. Well suited to automation
  • Standard included
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Cellulase Assay Kit (CellG3 Method)

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