Megazyme 酶活性试剂盒Enzyme Activity Assay Kits

Megazyme Enzyme Activity Assay Kits

Enzyme Substrates
Dye labelled polysaccharides are very useful chromogenic substrates for the measurement of endo-glycosyl hydrolase activity. Soluble chromogenic substrates are useful for the quantitative assay of enzyme solutions using the standard curve available for each product while insoluble chromogenic substrates are mostly employed qualitatively for the detection of specific enzyme activities in gels or plate screening experiments. Enzyme tablet tests contain the insoluble chromogenic substrates but in tablet form they can be used for quantitative assays with added convenience for the user. Colourimetric oligosaccharides are soluble, chemically defined, functionalised oligosaccharides that can be used for the specific assay of exo- or endo-glycosyl hydrolases and are suitable for use with automated analyzer systems.


Enzyme Activity Assay Kits
Colourimetric Oligosaccharides
Enzyme Tablet Tests
Insoluble Chromogenic Substrates
Soluble Chromogenic Substrates

α-Amylase Assay Kit (Ceralpha Method) α-淀粉酶试剂盒(Ceralpha法) 100 / 200 assays per kit K-CERA
α-Amylase SD Assay Kit (High Sensitivity Method) α-淀粉酶SD试剂盒(高灵敏度法) 160 / 320 assays (manual) / 640 assays (auto-analyser) K-AMYLSD
α-Amylase Reagent (Ceralpha) α-淀粉酶试剂 200 / 400 assays per kit (4 vials) R-CAAR4
Amylase HR Reagent 淀粉酶HR试剂 200 / 400 assays per kit (4 vials) R-AMHR4
β-Amylase Assay (Betamyl-3) β-淀粉酶法(β-3) 100 / 200 assays per kit K-BETA3
β-Amylase Assay Reagent (Betamyl-3) β-淀粉酶试剂(β-3) 200 / 400 assays per kit (4 vials) R-BAMR3
Amyloglucosidase Assay Reagent 酰胺葡萄糖苷酶试剂 200 assays per kit (4 vials) R-AMGR3
Catalase Assay Kit 过氧化氢酶试剂盒 100 / 200 assays per kit K-CATAL
Cellulase Assay Kit (CellG5 Method) 纤维素酶试剂盒(CellG 5法) Multiple pack sizes available K-CellG5
Cellulase Assay Kit (CellG3 Method) 纤维素酶试剂盒(CellG 3法) 180 / 360 assays per kit / 720 (auto-analyser) K-CellG3
Cellafluor Reagent Cellafluor试剂 100 assays (manual) / 1000 assays (auto-analyser) / 1000 assays (microplate) R-CELLFLR
Malt β-Glucanase/Lichenase Assay Kit (MBG4 Method) 麦芽β-葡聚糖酶/地衣酶试剂盒(MBG 4法) 100 assays (manual) / 400 assays (auto-analyser) K-MBG4
β-Glucanase Assay Kit (Malt and Microbial) β-葡聚糖酶试剂盒(麦芽和微生物) 100 assays per kit K-MBGL
Glucose Oxidase Assay Kit 葡萄糖氧化酶试剂盒 200 assays (manual) / 2000 assays (microplate)  / 1960 assays (auto-analyser) K-GLOX
α-Glucuronidase Assay Kit α-葡萄糖醛酸酶试剂盒 50 assays (manual) / 200 assays (microplate) K-AGLUA
Malt Amylase Assay Kit 麦芽淀粉酶试剂盒 100 assays (50 of each) per kit K-MALTA
Pullulanase/Limit-Dextrinase Assay Kit (PullG6 Method) 普鲁兰酶/极限-葡聚糖酶试剂盒(PullG6法) 100 / 200 assays per kit K-PullG6
endo-Xylanase Assay Kit (XylX6 Method) 恩藤-木聚糖酶试剂盒(XylX6法) Multiple pack sizes available K-XylX6
Xylanase Assay Kit (Azo-Wax) 木聚糖酶试剂盒(偶氮蜡) 200 assays per kit K-AZOWAX
Xylanase Assay Kit (Xylazyme AX) 木聚糖酶试剂盒 200 assays per kit K-XYLS