Carrez Clarification Kit-Megazyme试剂盒

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40-1000 assays per kit (depending on application)

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Content: 40-1000 assays per kit (depending on application)
Shipping Temperature: Ambient
Storage Temperature: Ambient
Stability: > 4 years under recommended storage conditions
Total Assay Time: ~ 15 min
pH Range: 7.5-8 (recommended)
Application examples: Dairy samples including milk, cream, whey protein, cheese, yoghurt, infant formula, other foods such as meat, and fish and other materials.

The Carrez Clarification Kit provides easy, ready to use reagents for the removal of interfering compounds such as proteins and fats from samples, allowing improved handling and more accurate measurement of target analytes such as carbohydrates and alcohols.

This product is intended to be used as an accessory kit to the K-LOLAC, K-LACTUL, K-LACGAR, K-LATE, K-DLATE and K-FRHYD assay kits. It may also be suitable in other assay methods where sample clarification is required to remove fats or proteins before sample determination steps.

Note: this method is unsuitable for sample preparation prior to the determination of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), citrate and urea/ammonia.

  • Simple, user-friendly procedure
  • Ready to use reagents
  • Allows for easy sample clarification in complex matrices with high protein and fat content
  • Reagent stability


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Safety Information
Symbol : GHS05, GHS09
Signal Word : Danger
Hazard Statements : H318, H410
Precautionary Statements : P273, P280, P305+P351+P338, P310, P391
Safety Data Sheet

Carrez Clarification Kit

食品检测 饲料检测 发酵业检测 红酒业检测 酿造业检测 奶制品检测 生物燃料 食物育种 实验室分析 研究

Megazyme P-PACHY Pachyman (1,3-β-D-Glucan)

Megazyme P-PACHY Pachyman (1,3-β-D-Glucan)

 This product is currently unavailable, please contact

Pachyman 1-3-beta-D-Glucan P-PACHY
Content: 5 g
Shipping Temperature: Ambient
Storage Temperature: Ambient
Physical Form: Powder
Stability: > 10 years under recommended storage conditions
CAS Number: 9037-88-1
Source: Poria Coco
Purity: > 98%
Monosaccharides (%): D-glucose = 98
Main Chain Glycosidic Linkage: β-1,3
Substrate For (Enzyme): endo-1,3-β-Glucanase

This product has been discontinued (read more).

High purity Pachyman (1,3-β-D-Glucan) for use in research, biochemical enzyme assays and in vitro diagnostic analysis.

For the assay of endo-1,3-β-D-glucanase.

Other carbohydrate products also offered.