Megazyme P-PACHY Pachyman (1,3-β-D-Glucan)

Megazyme P-PACHY Pachyman (1,3-β-D-Glucan)

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Pachyman 1-3-beta-D-Glucan P-PACHY
Content: 5 g
Shipping Temperature: Ambient
Storage Temperature: Ambient
Physical Form: Powder
Stability: > 10 years under recommended storage conditions
CAS Number: 9037-88-1
Source: Poria Coco
Purity: > 98%
Monosaccharides (%): D-glucose = 98
Main Chain Glycosidic Linkage: β-1,3
Substrate For (Enzyme): endo-1,3-β-Glucanase

This product has been discontinued (read more).

High purity Pachyman (1,3-β-D-Glucan) for use in research, biochemical enzyme assays and in vitro diagnostic analysis.

For the assay of endo-1,3-β-D-glucanase.

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