Megazyme E-EGALN 1,4-β-D-半乳糖内切酶[黑曲霉]

Megazyme E-EGALN  1,4-β-D-半乳糖内切酶[黑曲霉]


英文名:endo-1,4-β-Galactanase (Aspergillus niger)


规格:1000 Units

endo-1,4-β-Galactanase (Aspergillus niger)

High purity endo-1,4-β-Galactanase (Aspergillus niger) for use in research, biochemical enzyme assays and in vitro diagnostic analysis.

CAZy Family: GH53
CAS: 58182-40-4

arabinogalactan endo-beta-1,4-galactanase; arabinogalactan 4-beta-D-galactanohydrolase

From Aspergillus niger.
In 3.2 M ammonium sulphate.
Supplied at ~ 1,300 U/mL.

Specific activity:
> 150 U/mg (40oC, pH 4.0 on potato galactan).

Stability: > 4 years at 4oC.

Content: 1,000 Units
Shipping Temperature: Ambient
Storage Temperature: 2-8oC
Formulation: In 3.2 M ammonium sulphate
Physical Form: Suspension
Stability: > 4 years at 4oC
Enzyme Activity: endo-1,4-β-Galactanase
EC Number:
CAZy Family: GH53
CAS Number: 58182-40-4
Synonyms: arabinogalactan endo-beta-1,4-galactanase; arabinogalactan 4-beta-D-galactanohydrolase
Source: Aspergillus niger
Molecular Weight: 48,000
Expression: From Aspergillus niger
Specificity: endo-hydrolysis of (1,4)-β-D-galactose linkages in (1,4)-β-galactans and type I arabinogalactans.
Specific Activity: > 150 U/mg (40oC, pH 4.0 on potato galactan)
Unit Definition: One Unit of galactanase activity is defined as the amount of enzyme required to release one µmole of galactose reducing-sugar equivalents per minute from potato galactan (10 mg/mL) in sodium acetate buffer (100 mM), pH 4.0 at 40oC.

Megazyme R-CELLFLR Cellafluor试剂

Megazyme R-CELLFLR Cellafluor试剂
英文名:Cellafluor Reagent
规格:100 assays (manual) / 1000 assays (auto-analyser)

Cellafluor is a fluorimetric reagent that can be used for the assay of cellulase (endo-1,4-β-glucanase). The reagent consists of 2 components:

1)      4,6-O-Benzylidene-4-methylumbelliferyl-β-cellotrioside
2)      β-glucosidase (Thermotoga maritima)
Upon incubation with a cellulase (endo-1,4-β-glucanase) enzyme, the functionalised trisaccharide is cleaved and the ancillary β-glucosidase can act to hydrolyse the fragment containing the 4-methylumbelliferyl group. The rate of formation of 4-methylumbelliferyl is directly proportional to the cellulase (endo-1,4-β-glucanase) activity. The assay reaction is terminated and full fluorescence obtained from the fluorophore by the addition of Tris buffer.

Cellafluor是一种荧光试剂,可用于测定纤维素酶(-1,4-β-葡聚糖内切酶)。 该试剂包含2个成分:

2)β-葡萄糖苷酶(Thermotoga maritima)
与纤维素酶(内切-1,4-β-葡聚糖酶)一起温育后,功能化的三糖被裂解,辅助的β-葡萄糖苷酶可以起到水解含有4-甲基伞形酮基的片段的作用。 4-甲基伞形酮的形成速率与纤维素酶(内切1,4-β-葡聚糖酶)的活性成正比。 终止测定反应,并通过添加Tris缓冲液从荧光团获得全荧光。

Content: 100 assays (manual) / 1000 assays (microplate) / 1000 assays (auto-analyser)
Shipping Temperature: Ambient
Storage Temperature: Short term stability: 2-8oC,
Long term stability: See individual component labels
Stability: > 2 years under recommended storage conditions
Analyte: endo-Cellulase
Assay Format: Spectrophotometer, Microplate, Auto-analyser
Detection Method: Fluorescence
Wavelength (nm): 365 (ex), 450 (em)
Reproducibility (%): ~ 3%

Cellafluor is a fluorimetric reagent that can be used for the assay of cellulase (endo-1,4-β-glucanase). The reagent consists of 2 components:

1)      4,6-O-Benzylidene-4-methylumbelliferyl-β-cellotrioside

2) β-glucosidase (Thermotoga maritima)

Upon incubation with a cellulase (endo-1,4-β-glucanase) enzyme, the functionalised trisaccharide is cleaved and the ancillary β-glucosidase can act to hydrolyse the fragment containing the 4-methylumbelliferyl group. The rate of formation of 4-methylumbelliferyl is directly proportional to the cellulase (endo-1,4-β-glucanase) activity. The assay reaction is terminated and full fluorescence obtained from the fluorophore by the addition of Tris buffer.

内容: 100次分析(手册)/1000次分析(微版)/1000次分析(自动分析仪)
船运温度: 环境
储存温度: 短期稳定性:2-8oC,
稳定性: >2年在建议的储存条件下
分析物: 恩藤-纤维素酶
化验格式: 分光光度计,微板,自动分析仪
检测方法: 荧光
波长(纳米): 365(Ex),450(Em)
可重复性(%): ~ 3%


1)      4,6-O-Benzylidene-4-methylumbelliferyl-β-cellotrioside



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(Bacillus amyloliquefaciens)
E-CELTE – Cellulase (endo-1,4-β-D-glucanase)
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Megazyme S-AXBP 木聚糖酶特殊检测底物

Megazyme S-AXBP 木聚糖酶特殊检测底物

英文名:Azo-Xylan (Birchwood)(powder)


规格:3 g

品牌: Megazyme

用于对- 1 ,4-β-D-木聚糖酶的具体检测.







名称 比例

偶氮木聚糖(桦木)Azo-Xylan (Birchwood) 98%

Azo-Xylan (Birchwood)
Substrate for the specific assay of endo-1,4-?-D-xylanase.

Catalogue Number: S-AXBL
Content: 100 mL

Appearance Dark blue powder or liquid.
Specific Gravity Not applicable
Solubility in Water Soluble
pH Value ~ 5.5
Odour None
Form Powder
Stability Stable at room temperature for five or more years
Ingredients Name CAS Proportion
Azo-Xylan (Birchwood) 98%

This assay procedure is specific for endo-1,4-?-D-xylanase activity.
On incubation of Azo-Xylan (birchwood) with endo-xylanase, the
substrate is depolymerised to produce low-molecular weight dyed
fragments which remain in solution on addition of ethanol to the
reaction mixture. High-molecular weight material is removed by
centrifugation, and the colour of the supernatant is measured. endo-
Xylanase in the sample solution is determined by reference to a
standard curve.
Birchwood xylan is first purified (to remove starch) and then it is
dyed with Remazolbrilliant Blue R to an extent of approx. one dye
molecule per 30 sugar residues.
Add 1 g of powdered substrate to 80 mL of boiling and vigorously
stirring water on a hot-plate stirrer. Turn the heat off and continue
stirring until the polysaccharide is completely dissolved (about
20 min). Adjust the volume to 100 mL and add 0.02 g of sodium
azide and dissolve. Store this solution at 4°C between use. Under
these conditions the solution is stable for 12 months if contamination
with enzyme is avoided. Shake the solution container before
removing aliquots for assays. Because the solution is viscous, it should
preferably be dispensed with a positive displacement dispenser
(eg. Eppendorf Multipette? with a 5.0 mL Combitip).
Industrial methylated spirits (IMS; 95 % v/v) or ethanol (95 % v/v).
1. Sodium acetate buffer, 100 mM, pH 4.5
Add 6.0 g of glacial acetic acid (1.05 g/mL) to 800 mL of distilled
water. Adjust the pH to 4.5 with 5 M (20 g/100 mL) sodium
hydroxide solution. Adjust the volume to 1 litre. Stable for approx.
4 weeks at 4°C.
2. Sodium phosphate buffer, 100 mM, pH 6.0
Add 8.9 g of di-sodium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate
(Na2HPO4?2H2O) to 450 mL of distilled water and dissolve.
Adjust the pH to 6.0 with 1 M hydrochloric. Adjust the volume to
500 mL and add 0.1 g of sodium azide as a preservative. Stable for
approx. 4 weeks at 4°C.
Using a positive displacement dispenser, transfer 1.0 mL of liquid
enzyme preparation to 49 mL of buffer 1 (100 mM sodium acetate
buffer, pH 4.5) or buffer 2 (100 mM sodium phosphate buffer, pH 6.0)
and mix thoroughly. This is termed the Original Extract. Dilute
this solution 10-fold by transferring 1.0 mL of diluted enzyme to
9.0 mL of either buffer 1 or buffer 2. Repeat this process until a
dilution of enzyme suitable for assay is obtained.
For powdered enzyme preparations, add 1.0 g of material to 50 mL of
buffer 1 or buffer 2 and gently stir the slurry for 15 min, or until the
sample is completely dispersed or dissolved. Clarify this solution (the
Original Extract) by centrifugation at 1,000 g for 10 min, or by
filtration through Whatman No. 1 (9 cm) filter circles. Dilute this
solution as for the liquid enzyme preparations.
Add 0.5 mL of buffered enzyme preparation (pre-equilibrated to
40°C) to 0.5 mL of pre-equilibrated substrate solution (1 % w/v
Azo-Xylan birchwood) with thorough mixing on a vortex stirrer.
Immediately return the mixture to the water bath and incubate at
40°C for exactly 10 min from the time of addition of the enzyme
solution. Terminate the reaction by adding 2.5 mL of ethanol
(95 % v/v) with vigorous stirring on a vortex mixer to the reaction
solution. This will precipitate high-molecular weight, non-hydrolysed
substrate. Store the incubation tubes at room temperature for 5 min
and stir them again. Centrifuge the tubes at 1,000 g (approx. 3,000
rpm for 10 min). Pour the supernatant solution directly into a
spectrophotometer cuvette and measure the absorbance of the blank
and reaction solutions at 590 nm against water. Determine the
activity by reference to a standard curve. Alternatively, enter the
absorbance values into the appropriate MegaCalcTM available from the
Megazyme website (
Prepare a reaction blank by adding 2.5 mL of ethanol (or IMS) to
0.5 mL of the substrate solution (1 % w/v) with vigorous stirring.
Immediately add 0.5 mL of the enzyme solution and stir the mixture
vigorously for 10 sec. Because the diluted enzyme preparations are
essentially colourless, a single blank only, is required with each set of
determinations. Typically, blank absorbance values at 590 nm
are ~ 0.07.
A standard curve for A. niger endo-b-xylanase (pH optima 4.5) is
shown in Figure 1. Curves for Humicola insolens and Trichoderma
longibrachiatum endo-b-xylanases (pH optima 6.0) are shown in Figures
2 and 3. In each case, the activity of the enzyme preparations
employed were determined using wheat arabinoxylan (Lot 20401)
(10 mg/mL) as substrate, in either 100 mM sodium acetate buffer
(pH 4.5) or sodium phosphate buffer (pH 6.0). The Nelson-Somogyi
reducing sugar method, with D-xylose as standard, was used to
measure activity.
One unit of enzyme activity is defined as the amount of
enzyme required to release one μmole of D-xylose reducingsugar
equivalents from arabinoxylan, at pH 4.5 (or pH 6.0)
per minute at 40°C.


Azo-Barley Glucan 100124000 麦芽粉中葡聚糖酶检测底物 100 ml S-ABG100
Azo-Carob Galactomannan 100124001 甘露聚糖酶检测底物 4g S-ACGLM
Azo-Casein (Sulphanilamide Dyed) 100124002 蛋白内切酶活性高灵敏度检测可溶性底物[相比同类产品其灵敏度高5倍] 10g S-AZCAS
Azo-CM-Cellulose 100124003 葡聚糖酶检测底物 100ml S-ACMCL
Azo-CM-Cellulose 100124004 葡聚糖酶检测底物 4g S-ACMCL
Azo-Fructan 100124005 内切型菊粉酶检测底物 5g S-AZFR5
Azo-Fructan plus exo-Inulinase 100124006 内切型菊粉酶特殊检测底物 2g+4 KU S-AZFRXOI
Azo-Galactan(Potato) 100124007 半乳聚糖酶特殊检测底物 4g S-AGALP
Azo-Wheat Arabinoxylan (Azo-Waz) 100124008 木聚糖酶检测底物 100ml S-AWAXL
Azo-Wheat Arabinoxylan (Azo-Waz) 100124009 木聚糖酶检测底物 3g S-AWAXP
Azo-Xylan(Birchwood) 100124010 木聚糖酶特殊检测底物 100ml S-AXBL
Azo-Xylan(Birchwood) 100124011 木聚糖酶特殊检测底物 3g S-AXBP
Azo-Xylan(Oat Spelt) 100124012 木聚糖酶特殊检测底物 3g S-AXYO
Azo-Xyloglucan(Tamarind) 100124013 纤维素酶可溶性发色检测底物 4g S-AZXG
AZ-Rhamnogalacturonan 100124014 鼠李聚糖半乳糖醛酸内切酶检测底物 2g S-AZXG
Red Debranched Arabinan(Sugar Beet) 100124015 阿拉伯聚糖检测底物 2g S-AZRH
Red Pullulan 100124016 酶制备中的普鲁兰酶和麦粉中的极限糊精的检测底物 3g S-RDAR
Red Starch 100124017 Alpha淀粉酶活性检测底物 5g S-RPUL

Megazyme E-BMOSCF b甘露糖苷酶[纤维单胞菌]

Megazyme E-BMOSCF b甘露糖苷酶[纤维单胞菌]

b甘露糖苷酶[纤维单胞菌] E-BMOSCF

  • (1 )英文:Recb-Mannosidase (C. fimi)
  • (2) 中文:b甘露糖苷酶[纤维单胞菌]
  • (3))规格: 200 Units
  • (4)货号:E-BMOSCF

High purity recombinant beta-Mannosidase (C. fimi) for use in research, biochemical enzyme assays and in vitro diagnostic analysis.

CAZy Family: GH2

Recombinant from Cellulomonas fimi. 
In 3.2 M ammonium sulphate.

Specific activity: ~ 15 U/mg (35oC; 0.8 mM p-nitrophenyl β-D-mannopyranoside; pH 6.5).

Stable at 4oC for > 2 years.

Megazyme E-LICHN 地衣聚糖酶[1,3(4)-D-葡聚糖内切酶[芽孢杆菌]

Megazyme E-LICHN 地衣聚糖酶[1,3(4)-D-葡聚糖内切酶[芽孢杆菌]

地衣聚糖酶[1,3(4)-D-葡聚糖内切酶[芽孢杆菌] E-LICHN

英文名:Lichenase (endo-1,3(4)-β-D-Glucanase) (Bacillus sp.)



品牌: Megazyme

High purity Lichenase (endo-1,3(4)-beta-Glucanase) (Bacillus sp.) for use in research, biochemical enzyme assays and in vitro diagnostic analysis.

CAZy Family: GH16

From B. subtilis. Electrophoretically homogeneous. 
In 3.2 M ammonium sulphate.

Specific activity: ~ 240 U/mg (40oC, pH 6.5, barley β-glucan). 1000 U/ml.

Stable at 4oC for > 4 years.

Megazyme S-AWAXP 木聚糖酶检测底物(Powder)

Megazyme S-AWAXP 木聚糖酶检测底物(Powder)

木聚糖酶检测底物(Powder) S-AWAXP

英文名:Azo-Wheat Arabinoxylan (powder)



规格:3 grams

品牌: Megazyme

Prepared by dyeing wheat flour arabinoxylan with Remazolbrilliant Blue R dye. Substrate for the assay of endo-1,4-ß-D-xylanase.


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爱尔兰Megazyme酶 Enzymes



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 英文名称  酶中文名 规格(酶活性Units) 货号
Acetate Kinase(E.coli) 醋酸激酶[大肠杆菌] 100000 E-ACKEC
RecAcetyl-CoA ynthetase (B.subtilis) Acetyl-CoA合成酶[枯草杆菌] 250 E-ACSBS
Adenylate Kinase (Myokinase)(prokaryote) 转化腺苷酸激酶[肌激酶][原核生物] 10000 E-AMPK
Alcohol dehydrogenase(E.coli) 乙醇脱氢酶[大肠杆菌] 1000 E-ADHEC
Alpha-Amylase(A.oryzae) Alpha淀粉酶[米麴菌] 20000 E-ANAAM
Alpha-Amylase(B.licheniformis) Alpha淀粉酶[苔藓杆菌] 120000 E-BLAM
β-Amylase(Barley) Beta淀粉酶[大麦] 100000 E-BARBL
β-Amylase(Barley) Beta淀粉酶[大麦] 2g E-BARBP
β-Amylase(B.cereus) Beta淀粉酶[仙人掌杆菌] 100,000 E-BCBAM
Amyloglucosidase(A.niger) 淀粉葡萄糖苷酶[黑曲霉] 140,000 E-AMGDF
Amyloglucosidase(Rhizopus sp.) 淀粉葡萄糖苷酶[根霉] 5,000 E-AMGPU
endo-1,5-α-L-Arabinanase(A.niger) 1,5-α-L-阿拉伯糖内切酶[黑曲霉] 140 E-EARAB
α-L-Arabinofuranosidase(A.niger)) α-L-阿拉伯呋喃糖酶[黑曲霉] 300 E-AFASE
Recα-L-Arabinofuranosidase(Novel Specificity) α-L-阿拉伯呋喃糖酶[新] 400 E-AFAM2
Alpha-aspartyl dipeptiease(E.coli) Alpha-天冬氨酰二肽酶[大肠杆菌] 2,000 E-DIPEP
Celobiohydrolase I(T.longibrachiatum) 纤维素二糖水解酶I[长枝木霉] 20mg E-CBHI
Cellulase(endo-1,4-D-Glucanase)(T.longibrachiatum) 纤维素酶[1,4-D-葡聚糖内切酶[长枝木霉] 1,000 E-CELTR
Cellulase(endo-1,4-D-Glucanase)(T.emersonii) 纤维素酶[1,4-D-葡聚糖内切酶[Emersonii蓝状菌] 2,000 E-CELTE
Celluase(endo-1,4-D-glucanse)(A.niger) 纤维素酶[1,4-D-葡聚糖内切酶[黑曲霉] 2,000 E-CELAN
Reccitrate synthase(E.coli) 柠檬酸合酶[大肠杆菌] 50 E-CITEC
Cytidylate Kinase(Prokaryote) 胞嘧啶核苷酸激酶[原核生物] 500 E-CMPK
RecDiaphorase(D.coli) 黄递酶[大肠杆菌] 1,000 E-DIAEC
Formate dehydrogenase(C.boidini) 甲酸脱氢酶[C.boidini] 300 E-FDHCB
CructanaseMixture(Purified) 果糖酶混合物[已纯化] 40ml E-FRMXLQ
Fructanase Mixture Powder 果糖酶混合物 40,000 E-FRMXPD
endo-1,4-β-D-Galactanase(A.niger) 1,4-β-D-半乳糖内切酶[黑曲霉] 1,000 E-EGALN
RecGalactose Dehydrogenase(soli prokaryote) 半乳糖脱氢酶[土壤原核生物] 200 E-GALDH
α-Galactosidase(A.niger) α半乳糖苷酶[黑曲霉] 2,000 E-AGKAN
α-Galactosidase(G.uar) α半乳糖苷酶[瓜尔豆] 600 E-AGLGU
β-Galactosidase(A.niger) β半乳糖苷酶[黑曲霉] 8,000 E-BGLAN
β-Galactosidase(Lactase)(K.fragilis) β半乳糖苷酶[乳糖酶][脆壁克鲁维酵母] 4,000 E-LACTS
endo-1,3-β-Glucanase(Trichoderma.sp.) 1,3-β-D葡聚糖内切酶[木霉菌] 100 E-LAMSE
exo-1,3-β-Glucanase(Trichoderma.sp.) 1,3-D-β-葡聚糖外切酶[木霉菌] 400 E-EXBGL
Gluconokinase(E.coli) 葡糖酸激酶[大肠杆菌] 1,500 E-GLUKEC
Glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase 葡萄糖6磷酸脱氢酶 5,000 E-GPDH5
Glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase 葡萄糖6磷酸脱氢酶 25,000 E-GPDH25
a-Glucosidase(Maltase)(yeast) Alpha葡[萄]糖苷酶[麦芽糖酶][酵母] 2,000 E-MALTS
a-Glucosidase(B.stearothermophilus) Alpha葡[萄]糖苷酶[嗜热脂肪芽孢杆菌] 1,500 E-TSAGL
a-Glucosidase(Transglucosidase)(A.niger) Alpha葡[萄]糖苷酶[转葡萄糖苷酶][黑曲霉] 2,000 E-TRNGL
β-Glucosidase(A.niger) Beta葡[萄]糖苷酶[黑曲霉] 200 E-BGLUC
Recβ-Glucosidase(Agrobacterium sp.) Beta葡[萄]糖苷酶[农杆菌] 600 E-BGISAG
Recβ-Glucosidase(thermostable)(T.maritima) Beta葡[萄]糖苷酶[耐热][热海栖热孢菌] 230 E-BGOSTM
Glutamate dehydrogenase(E.coli) 谷氨酸脱氢酶[大肠杆菌] 10,000 E-GLDHEC
RecGlutamate Oxaloccetate Transaminase(E.coli) 谷氨酸草酰乙酸转氨酶[大肠杆菌] 5,000 E-GOTEC
Glutamate pyruvate transminase(B.subtilils) 谷氨酸丙酮酸转氨酶[枯草杆菌] 2,500 E-GPTBS
Glucose Oxidase/catalase Mixture 葡萄糖氧化酶/催化酶混合物 2 vials E-GOXCA
Guanylate Kinase(prokayote) 鸟苷酸激酶[原核生物] 500 E-GMPK
3-Hydrxybutyrate dehydrogenase(prokaryote) 3-羟丁酸脱氢酶[原核生物] 200 E-HBDH
Hexokinase 已糖激酶 10,000 E-HEX10
Hexokinase 已糖激酶 50,000 E-HEX50
Hexokinase(420U/ml)+G6PDH(210U/ml) 已糖激酶[420U/ml]+葡萄糖-6-磷酸脱氢酶[210U/ml] 10ml E-HKGDH
RecHaluronate lyase(novel specificity)(soil prokaryote) 透明质酸[裂解]酶[新品][土壤原核生物] 50 E-HYLSP
endo-Inulinase(A.niger) 菊粉内切酶[黑曲霉] 200 E-ENDOI
exo-Inulinase(A.niger) 菊粉外切酶[黑曲霉] 5000 E-EXOI
Invertase(Fructofuranosidase)(yeast) 蔗糖酶[呋喃果糖苷酶][酵母] 150000 E-INVRT
Isoamylase(Glycogen 6-glucanohydrolase) 异淀粉酶[糖原6-葡萄糖苷酶] 500 E-ISMY
Isocitrate dehydrogenase (B.subtilis) 异柠檬酸脱氢酶[枯草杆菌] 2000 E-ICDHBS
Lichenase(endo-1,3(4)-D-Glucanase)(Bacillussp.) 地衣聚糖酶[1,3(4)-D-葡聚糖内切酶[芽孢杆菌] 5000 E-LICHN
RecD-Malate dehydrogenase(E.coli) D-苹果酸脱氢酶[大肠杆菌] 200 E-DMDHEC
RecL-Malate dehydrogenase(E.coli) L-苹果酸脱氢酶[大肠杆菌] 50000 E-LMDHEC
endo-1,4-β-Mannanase(A.niger)) 1,4-β甘露聚糖内切酶[黑曲霉] 500 E-BMANN
endo-1,4-β-Mannanase(Bacillus sp.) 1,4-β甘露聚糖内切酶[芽孢杆菌] 2000 E-BMABS
RecMannitol dehydrogenase(P.fluorescens) 甘露醇脱氢酶[荧光假单胞菌] 500 E-MNHPF
Rec-β-Mannosidase(C.fimi) β甘露糖苷酶[纤维单胞菌] 200 E-BMOSCF
Pectte Lyase M1(Aspergillus sp.) 果胶酸裂合酶M1[曲霉属] 600 E-PECLY
RecPectate Lyase M2(C.japonicus) 果胶酸裂合酶M2[日本龟蜡蚧] 2500 E-PLYCJ
RecPhosphoglucose Isomerse (B.subtillis) 磷酸葡糖异构酶[枯草杆菌] 5000 E-PGIBS
RecPhosphoglucose Isomerse (B.subtillis) 磷酸葡糖异构酶[枯草杆菌] 50000 E-PGIBSB
RecPhosphoglucose Isomerse (E.coli) 磷酸葡糖异构酶[大肠杆菌] 10000 E-PGIEC
RecPhosphoglucose Isomerse (E.coli) 磷酸葡糖异构酶[大肠杆菌] 50000 E-PGIECB
6-Phosphogluconate dehydrogenase(E.coli) 6-磷酸葡糖酸脱氢酶[大肠杆菌] 150 E-PGDHEC
RecPhosphoglucose Isomerse (S.cerevisiae) 磷酸葡糖异构酶[酿酒酵母] 5000 E-PGISC
RecPhosphoglucose Isomerse (S.cerevisiae) 磷酸葡糖异构酶[酿酒酵母] 50000 E-PGISCB
RecPhosphoglucose Isomerse (E.coli) 磷酸甘露糖异构酶[大肠杆菌] 1000 E-PMIEC
endo-Polygalacturonanase M1(A.niger) 聚半乳糖醛酸M1[黑曲霉] 5000 E-PGALS
endo-Polygalacturonanase M2(A.niger) 聚半乳糖醛酸M2[黑曲霉] 10000 E-PGALUSP
Protease(Subtillisin A)(B.licheniformis) 蛋白酶[枯草杆菌][对地衣芽孢杆菌] 2 g(40ml) E-BSPRT
Pullulanase M1(K.planticola) 普鲁兰酶M1[植生克雷伯氏菌] 2000 E-PULKP
Pullulanase M2(B.licheniformis) 普鲁兰酶M2[对地衣芽孢杆菌] 2000 E-PULBL
Pullulanase M3(B.acidopullulyticus) 普鲁兰酶M3[嗜酸普鲁兰芽孢杆菌] 5000 E-PULBA
Succinyl-CoA synthetase(prokaryote) 琥珀酰辅酶A合成酶[原核生物] 550 E-SCOAAS
Sucrase (Maltase)(yeast) 蔗糖酶[麦芽糖酶][酵母] 220 E-SUCR
Thymidylate Kinase (prokaryote) 胸苷酸激酶[原核生物] 150 E-TMPK
Xylanase M1(T.viride) 木聚糖酶M1[绿色木霉菌] 8000 E-XYTR1
Xylanase M2(T.longibrachiatum;pl 5.5) 木聚糖酶M2[长枝木霉] 4000 E-XYTR2
Xylanase M3(T.longibrachiatum;pl 9.0) 木聚糖酶M3[长枝木霉] 8000 E-XYTR3
Xylanase M4(A.niger) 木聚糖酶M4[黑曲霉] 8000 E-XYTR4
Xylanase M6(rumen microorganism) 木聚糖酶M6[瘤胃微生物] 8000 E-XYRU6
Alkaline phosphatase(E.coli) 碱性磷酸酶(大肠杆菌) 400 E-ALPEC
Glutaminase(E.coli) 谷氨酰胺酶(大肠杆菌) 2500 E-GLUTEC
Guanylate Kinase(prokayote) 鸟[嘌呤核]苷酸激酶(原核生物) 500 E-GMPK
3-Hydrxybutyrate dehydrogenase(prokaryote) 3-羟基苯甲酸酯脱氢酶(原核生物) 200 E-HBDH
myo-Inositol dehydrogenase(B.subtillis) 肌环己六氢醇脱氢酶(枯草芽孢杆菌) 500 E-INDH
D-Lactate dehydrogenase(L.mesenteroides) D-乳酸盐脱氢酶(肠膜明串珠菌) 15000 E-DLDHLM
β-Mannanase(T.maritima) Beta甘露聚糖酶(海栖热袍菌) 250 E-BMATM
Malt Amylase Standard 麦芽淀粉酶标准液 100ml E-MAST


Megazyme E-PULBL 普鲁兰酶M2[对地衣芽孢杆菌]

Megazyme E-PULBL 普鲁兰酶M2[对地衣芽孢杆菌]

1) 英文名称; Pullulanase M2 (B. licheniformis);

2) 中文名称: 普鲁兰酶M2[对地衣芽孢杆菌];

3) 规格: 2,000 Units

4) 货号: Megazyme-E-PULBL

High purity Pullulanase M2 (B. licheniformis) for use in research, biochemical enzyme assays and in vitro diagnostic analysis.


From Bacillus licheniformis. Electrophoretically homogeneous (MW 113,000). 
In 3.2M ammonium sulphate.

Specific activity: ~ 40 U/mg (40oC, pH 5.0, pullulan as substrate).

普鲁兰酶M1[植生克雷伯氏菌] Pullulanase M1 (Klebsiella planticola)

英文名称:Pullulanase M1 (Klebsiella planticola)
规格:700 Units




规格:10 grams

品牌: Megazyme

果糖酶混合物[已纯化] E-FRMXLQ

果糖酶混合物[已纯化]  E-FRMXLQ

英文名:Fructanase Mixture (purified-liquid)


规格:20 mL

品牌: Megazyme

  • 爱尔兰Megazyme公司是知名的酶及酶法分析试剂盒的生产厂家之一,其中大多数产品都被AOAC(Association of Official Analytical Chemists)、AACC(American Association of Cereal Chemists)、ICC(International Association for Cereal Science and Technology)、 EBC(European Brewing Convention)、RACI(Royal Australian Chemical Institute)等国际组织采用。

    Fructanase Mixture (purified-liquid)
    Ask a Scientist

    High purity Fructanase Mixture (purified-liquid) for use in research, biochemical enzyme assays and in vitro diagnostic analysis.

    For Fructan Determination (Liquid).

    Fructanase, Amyloglucosidase (E-AMGDF) and Isoamylase (E-ISAMY) are used in the enzyme hydrolysis step of the AOAC method 2001.11 for the determination of polydextrose (a low molar mass dietary fiber) in foods.

    CAZy Family: GH32

    CAZy Family: GH32

    Components: exo-inulinase 2,000 U/ml (on kestose, at 40oC), endo-inulinase ˜ 100 U/ml (on fructan at 40oC), α-galactosidase < 0.08 U/ml (on polygalacturonic acid at 40oC), β-Glucanase < 0.04 U/ml (on β-glucan at 40oC) and pectinase < 0.07 U/ml (on pectin at 40oC).

    Note: This product has been purified to remove α-galactosidase, β-glucanase and pectinase which interfere with the use of the preparation in the measurement of fructan, or in the solubilisation of “insoluble” fructan in the AOAC Total Dietary Fiber method. In this product, the contamination of exo-inulinase by α-galactosidase, β-glucanase and pectinase is 0.004%, 0.002% and 0.03%, respectively. In Fructozyme (NOVO), the contamination by α-galactosidase, β-glucanase and pectinase is 15.2%, 0.3% and 2% respectively.

    Stability: Minimum 1 year at < -10oC. Check vial for details.


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    2. 试剂混合物(Reagent Mixtures)
    3. 协同因子(Cofactors)
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     总淀粉检测盒(Total Starch Assay Kit
    • AOAC Method 996.11
    • AACC Method 76-13
    • ICC Standard Method no. 168
    • RACI Standard Method
    总膳食纤维检测盒(Total Dietary Fibre Assay Kit
    • AOAC Method 985.29
    • AOAC Method 991.42
    • AOAC Method 993.19
    • AOAC Method 991.43
    • AACC Method 32.07
    • AACC Method 32.21
    • AACC Method 32.05
    淀粉损失检测盒(Starch Damage Assay Kit
    • AACC Method 76-31
    • ICC Standard No. 164
    • RACI Standard Method
    α-淀粉酶检测盒Ceralpha (α-Amylase) Assay Kit
    •    AOAC Method 2002.01
    •    ICC Standard No. 303
    •    RACI Standard Method
    •    CCFRA Flour Testing Working Group Method 0018
    •    AACC – under evaluation.
    Alpha淀粉酶检测盒Amylazyme (α-Amylase Assay)
    • AACC Method 22.05
    • RACI Standard Method
    果聚糖检测盒Fructan Assay Kit
    • AOAC Method 999.03
    • AACC Method 32-32
    木聚糖酶AX片剂(Xylazyme AX Tablets
    • Xylazyme AX Tablets have been widely adopted in the fermentation and feeds industries for the measurement of Xylanase.
    β-葡聚糖检测盒β-Glucan (Mixed Linkage) Assay Kit
    • AACC Method 32-23
    • EBC Methods 3.11.1, 4.16.1 and 8.11.1
    • AOAC Method 995.16
    • ICC Standard No. 166
    • RACI Standard Method
    • RACI Standard Method
    β-葡聚糖酶检测盒(β-Glucanase (Malt and Microbial) Assay Kit
    • RACI Standard Method
    β-淀粉酶检测盒(Betamyl (β-Amylase Assay Kit))
    • RACI Standard Method.
    木聚糖酶检测底物(Azo-Wheat Arabinoxylan
    • Azo-Wheat Arabinoxylan, Azo-CM-Cellulose and Ceralpha methods for the assay of Xylanase, cellulase and ?-Amylase, respectively, have been adopted by the UK silage industry.
    抗性淀粉检测盒(Resistant Starch Assay Kit
    • AOAC Method 2002.02



Megazyme E-GPDHEC 葡萄糖6磷酸脱氢酶[大肠杆菌]

Megazyme E-GPDHEC 葡萄糖6磷酸脱氢酶[大肠杆菌]

英文名:Glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase (E. coli)
规格:5,000 Units

High purity recombinant Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (Escherichia coli) for use in research, biochemical enzyme assays and in vitro diagnostic analysis.

CAS: 9001-40-5

glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (NADP+); D-glucose-6-phosphate:NADP+ 1-oxidoreductase

Recombinant. From Escherichia coli.
In 3.2 M ammonium sulphate.
Supplied at ~ 1,250 U/mL.

Specific activity:
~ 160 U/mg (25oC, pH 7.6, D-glucose-6-phosphate).

StabilityMinimum 1 year at 4oC. Check vial for details.


Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (Escherichia coli)

CAS: 9001-40-5

glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (NADP+); D-glucose-6-phosphate:NADP+ 1-oxidoreductase

In 3.2 M ammonium sulphate.

Minimum 1 year at 4oC. Check vial for details.

Specific activity:
~ 160 U/mg (25°C, pH 7.6 on glucose 6-phosphate).

Unit definition:
One Unit of Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity is defined as the amount of enzyme required to convert one μmole of glucose 6-phosphate (5.0 mM) to 6-phosphogluconate per minute in the presence of NADP+ in imidazole buffer (168 mM), pH 7.6 at 25oC.

Catalyses the reaction:
D-glucose 6-phosphate + NADP+ = 6-phospho-D-glucono-1,5-lactone + NADPH + H+

Applications for the measurement of glucose and other hexoses in carbohydrate research and in the food and feeds, fermentation, wine, beverage and dairy industries.



酸类        产品描述        规格        产品编号
Acetaldehyde Assay Kit        乙醛检测试剂盒        50        K-ACHYD
Acetic Acid Assay Kit        乙酸检测试剂盒        53        K-ACET
Acetic Acid(AF)Assay Kit        乙酸(ACS 分析仪法)检测试剂盒        550        K-ACETAF
Acetic Acid(AK)Assay Kit        乙酸(AK  分析仪法)检测试剂盒        550        K-ACETAK
Acetic Acid(Acetate Kinase Manual Format)        乙酸检测试剂盒[乙酸激酶法]        72        K-ACETRM
L-Ascorbic Acid Assay Kit        维生素C[L-抗坏血酸]检测试剂盒        40        K-ASCO
L-Asparagine/L-Glutamine/Ammonia (Rapid)Assay Kit        L-天门冬素[天冬酰胺酸]/L-谷氨酸/氨检测试剂盒        150(各50)        K-ASNAM
citric Acid Assay Kit        柠檬酸检测试剂盒        72        K-CITR
D-Lactic Acid Kit        D-乳酸检测试剂盒        50        K-DATE
D/L-Lactic Acid Assay Kit        D/L-乳酸检测试剂盒        100(各50)        K-DLATE
D-Malic Acid Assay Kit        D-苹果酸检测试剂盒        100        K-DMAL
Formic Acid Assay Kit        蚁酸(甲酸)检测试剂盒        25        K-FORM
D-Gluconate/D-Glucono-d-lactone Assay Kit        D-葡萄糖酸/D-葡萄糖酸内酯检测试剂盒        60        K-GATE
L-Glutamine/Ammonia(Rapid)Assay  Kit        L-谷氨酸/氨检测试剂盒[快速]        100(各50)        K-GLNAM
L-Glutamic Acid(L-Glutamate/MSG)        L-谷氨酸[谷氨酸盐/谷氨酸酯/味精/谷氨酸单钠]检测试剂盒        60        k-GLUT
D-3-Hydroxybutyric Acid Assay Kit        D-3羟丁酸检测试剂盒        60        K-HDBA
D-Isocitnc Acid Assay Kit        D-异柠檬酸检测试剂盒        100        K-ISOC
L-Lactic Acid Assay Kit        L- 乳酸检测试剂盒        50        K-LATE
L-Arginine/Urea/Ammonia(Rapid)        L-精氨酸/尿/氨[快速]检测试剂盒        150(各50)        K-LARGE
L-Malic Acid(AF)Assay Kit        L-苹果酸[AF]检测试剂盒        1,118        K-LMALAF
L-Malic Acid Assay Kit        L-苹果酸检测试剂盒        116        K-LMALL
L-Malic Acid Assay Kit        L-苹果酸检测试剂盒        58        K-LMALR
L-Malic Acid Kit(MegaQuant TM format)        L-苹果酸[MegaQuant]检测试剂盒        60        K-LMALMQ
L-Malic Acid (Liquid Ready Reagents)        L-苹果酸[液体即用试剂]检测试剂盒        1,100        K-LMALQR
Phytic Acid/Total Phosphorus        植酸/总磷量检测试剂盒        50        K-PHYT
Pyruvic Acid        丙酮酸检测试剂盒        100        K-PYRUV
Succinic Acid Assay K it        琥珀/丁二酸检测试剂盒        20        K-SUCC
Tartaric Acid Kit        酒石酸检测试剂盒        200/2000(自动)        K-TART
D-Glucuronic/D-Galacturonic Kit        D-葡萄糖醛酸/D-半乳糖醛酸检测试剂盒(D-己糖醛酸)        100        K-URONIC

醇类        产品描述        规格         产品编号
Ethanol Assay Kit        乙醇检测试剂盒        60        K-ETOH
Glycerol Assay Kit        甘油检测试剂盒        70        K-GCROL
Glycerol GK Assay Kit        甘油检测试剂盒(激酶)        70        K-GCROLGK
D-Mannitol/L-Arabitol Assay Kit        D-甘露醇/L-阿拉伯糖醇检测试剂盒        60        K-MANOL
D-Sorbitol/Xylitol Assay Kit        山梨醇/木糖醇检测试剂盒        58        K-SORB
Cholestrol        胆固醇检测试剂盒        来电咨询        K-CHOL
myo-Inositol Assay Kit        肌醇检测试剂盒        50        K-INOSL
糖类        产品描述        规格         产品编号
Arabinan Assay Kit        阿拉伯聚糖检测试剂盒        100        K-ARAB
L- A rabinose/D-Galactose        树胶醛糖/D-半乳糖检测试剂盒        115/1150(微孔板或自动仪)        K-ARGA
Beta-Glucan(Mixed Linkage)Assay Kit        Beta葡聚糖[混联]检测试剂盒        100        K-BGLU
Yeast Beta Glucan Assay Kit        酵母Beta葡聚糖检测试剂盒        100        K-YBGL
Enzymatic Yeast Beta-Glucan Kit        酶催化的酵母Beta葡聚糖检测试剂盒        40        K-EBHLG
Fructan Assay Kit        果聚糖检测试剂盒        100        K-FRUC
Fructose HK Assay Kit        果聚糖[HK法]检测试剂盒        50        K-FRUCHK
D-Fructose/D-Glucose Assay Kit        D-果糖/D-葡萄糖检测试剂盒        110        K-FRUGL
D-Fructose/D-Glucose Assay Kit(MegaQuant TM format)        D-果糖/D-葡萄糖[MegaQuant]检测试剂盒        60        K-FRGLMQ
D-Fructose/D-Glucose Assay Kit(Liquid Ready Reagents)        D-果糖/D-葡萄糖[液体即用试剂]检测试剂盒        1,100        K-FRGLQR
Galactomannan(Carob or GUAR)Assay Kit角豆胶或瓜尔豆胶        半乳甘露聚糖检测试剂盒        100        K-GALM
Galactomannan Assay Kit        葡甘露聚糖检测试剂盒        50        K-GLUM
D-Glucose(GOPOD Format)Assay Kit        D-葡萄糖[GOPOD法]检测试剂盒        600        K-GLUC
D-Glucose HK Assay Kit        D-葡萄糖[HK法]检测试剂盒        220        K-GLUHK-220A
D-Glucose HK Assay Kit        D-葡萄糖[HK法]检测试剂盒        110        K-GLUHK-110A
D-Glucosamine Assay Kit        D-氨基葡萄糖检测试剂盒        50        K-GAMINE
Lactose/Galactose(Rapid) Assay Kit        乳糖/半乳糖[快速]检测试剂盒        115        K-LACGAR
Lactose/Sucrose/D-Glucose        乳糖/蔗糖/D-葡萄糖检测试剂盒        100        K-LACSU
Lactulose Assay Kit        乳果糖检测试剂盒        50        K-LACTUL
Maltose/Sucrose/D-Glucose Assay Kit        麦芽糖/蔗糖/D-葡萄糖检测试剂盒        100        K-MASUG
D-Mannose/D-Fructose/D-Glucose        D-甘露糖/D-果糖/D-葡萄糖检测试剂盒        55        K-MANGL
Raffinose/D-Galactose Assay Kit        蜜三糖或棉籽糖/D-半乳糖检测试剂盒        120        K-RAFGA
Raffinose/Sucrose/D-Glucose Assay Kit        蜜三糖或棉籽糖/蔗糖/D-葡萄糖检测试剂盒        100        K-RAFGL
L-Rhamnose Assay Kit        L-鼠李糖检测试剂盒        50        K-RHAMNOSE
Sucrose/D-Fructose/D-Glucose Assay Kit        蔗糖/D-果糖/D-葡萄糖检测试剂盒        150(各50)        K-SUFRG
Sucrose/D-Glucose Assay Kit        蔗糖/D-葡萄糖检测试剂盒        250        K-SUCGL
Trahalose Assay Kit        海藻糖检测试剂盒        100        K-TREH
L-Fucose Assay Kit        L-海藻糖检测试剂盒        100        K-FUCOSE
D-Xylose        D-木糖检测试剂盒        100        K-XYLOSE
Enzymatic Yeast Beta-Glucan Kit        酶法酵母Beta葡聚糖检测试剂盒        40         K-EBHLG
Available Carbohydrate        可吸收碳水化合物/膳食纤维检测试剂盒        100        K-ACHDF
淀粉类        产品描述        规格         产品编号
Amylose/Amylopectin Assay kit        直链淀粉/支链淀粉[胶淀粉]检测试剂盒        100        K-AMYL
Resistant Starch Assay Kit        抗性淀粉检测试剂盒        100        K-RSTAR
Resistant Starch Control Flours Kit        抗性淀粉控粉检测试剂盒        5 samples        K-RSTCL
Starch Damage Assay Kit        淀粉损失检测试剂盒        200        K-SDAM
Total Starch Assay Kit        淀粉总量检测试剂盒        100        K-TSTA
Total Starch Control Flours Kit        淀粉总量控粉检测试剂盒        5 samples        K-TSCK
醛类        产品描述        规格         产品编号
Acetaldehyde Assay Kit        乙醛检测试剂盒        50        K-ACHYD
D-Glucuronic/D-Galacturonic Kit        左旋葡萄糖醛/半乳糖醛酸(己糖醛酸)        100        K-URONIC
氨类        产品描述        规格         产品编号
Ammonia(Rapid)Assay Kit        氨[快速]检测试剂盒        96        K-AMIAR
L-Glutamine/Ammonia(Rapid)        L-谷氨酸/氨检测试剂盒[快速]        100(各50)        K-GLNAM
Urea/Ammonia(Rapid)Assay Kit        尿素/氨(快速)检测试剂盒        100(各50)        K-URAMR
L-Arginine/Urea/Ammonia(Rapid)        L-精氨酸/尿素/氨[快速]检测试剂盒        150(各50)        K-LARGE
氮类        产品描述        规格         产品编号
Primary Amino Nitrogen(NOPA)        一级氨基氮[NOPA]检测试剂盒        100        K-PANOPA
盐/酯类        产品描述        规格         产品编号
Aspartame Assay Kit        阿斯巴甜[糖精]检测试剂盒        50        K-ASPTM
D-Gluconate/D-Glucono-d-lactone Assay Kit        D-葡萄糖酸/D-葡萄糖酸内酯检测试剂盒        60        K-GATE
D-Glutamic Acid (L-Glutamate/MSG)        L-谷氨酸[谷氨酸盐/谷氨酸酯/味精/谷氨酸单钠]检测试剂盒        60        K-GLUT
Total and Free Sulphite Assay Kit        总量和游离二氧化硫检测试剂盒        40(400自动)        K-SULPH
Total Sulphite Assay Kit        总量二氧化硫检测试剂盒        80        K-TSULPH
Total Sulphite (Enzymatic)        总量二氧化硫(酶法)检测试剂盒        50 assays (manual) /500 assays (microplate) / 588 assays (auto-analyser)
500 assays (microplate) /588 assays (auto-analyser)        K-ETSULPH
酶类        产品描述        规格         产品编号
Xylanase Assay Kit (Azo-Wax)        1,4-β木聚糖内切酶检测试剂盒        200        K-AZOWAX
Betamy-3 :Beta-Amylase Assay Kit        RACI标准法,用于检测谷类植物和麦芽中的β-淀粉酶/酵素        100/200        K-BETA3
Cerapha:Alpha-Amylase Assay Kit        Alpha淀粉酶/液化酶/淀粉糖化酶检测试剂盒        100        K-CERA
Malt Amylase Assay Kit        麦芽淀粉酶(a/β-淀粉酶)检测试剂盒        100(各50)        K-MALTA
Glucose Oxidase Assay Kit        葡萄糖氧化酶检测试剂盒        200        K-GLOX
Beta-Glucanase(Malt& Microbial)        Beta葡聚糖酶[麦芽和微生物]检测试剂盒        100        K-MBGL
Xylanase Assay Kit (Xylazyme AX)        木聚糖酶检测试剂盒        200        K-XYLS
α-D-Glucuronidase Assay Kit        葡萄糖醛酸酶检测试剂盒        50        K-AGLUA
Cellulase Assay Kit (CELLG3 Method)        内切纤维素酶检测试剂盒        180 / 360        K-CELLG3
纤维类        产品描述        规格         产品编号
Total Dietary Fibre Control Flours Kit        膳食纤维控粉总量检测试剂盒        6 samples        K-TDFC
Toal Dietary Fibre Assay Kit        膳食纤维总量检测试剂盒        200        K-TDFR
Inegrated Total Dietary Fibre Assay Kit        集成的膳食纤维总量检测试剂盒        100        K-INTDF
胶质类        产品描述        规格         产品编号
Pectin Identification Assay Kit        胶质识别检测试剂盒        400        K-PECID

产品名称        产品描述        规格         产品编号
Azo-Barley Glucan        麦芽粉中葡聚糖酶检测底物        100ml        S-ABG100
Azo-Carob Galactomannan        甘露聚糖酶检测底物        4g        S-ACGLM
Azo-Casein(Sulphanilamide Dyed)        蛋白内切酶活性高灵敏度检测可溶性底物(相比同类产品其灵敏度高5倍)        10g        S-AZCAS
Azo-CM-Cellulose        葡聚糖酶检测底物        100ml        S-ACMCL
Azo-CM-Cellulose        葡聚糖酶检测底物        4g        S-ACMC
Azo-Fructan        内切型菊粉酶检测底物        5g        S-AZFR5
Azo-Fructan plus exo-Inulinase        内切型菊粉酶特殊检测底物        2g+4KU        S-AZFRXOI
Azo-Galactan(Potato)        半乳聚糖酶特殊检测底物        4g        S-AGALP
Azo-Wheat Arabinoxylan(Azo-Wax)        木聚糖酶检测底物(小麦)        100ml        S-AWAXL
Prepared by wheat flour arabinoxylan with Remazolbrilliant Blue R dye. Substrate for the assay of endo-1,4-β-D-xylanase        木聚糖酶检测底物(小麦)        3g        S-AWAXP
Azo-Xylan(Birchwood)        木聚糖酶特殊检测底物(桦木)        2X100ml        S-AXBL
Azo-Xylan(Birchwood)        木聚糖酶特殊检测底物(桦木)        3g        S-AXBP
Azo-Xyloglucan(Tamarind)        纤维素酶可溶性发色检测底物        4g        S-AZXG
AZ-Rhamnogalacturonan        鼠李聚糖半乳糖醛酸内切酶特殊检测底物        2g        S-AZRH
Red Debranched Arabinan(Sugar Beet)        阿拉伯聚糖检测底物        2g        S-RDAR
Red Pullulan        酶制备中的普鲁兰酶和麦粉中的极限糊精的检测底物        3g        S-RPUL
Red Starch        Alpha淀粉酶活性检测底物        5g        S-RSTAR

产品名称        产品描述        规格         产品编号
AZCL-Amylose        Alpha淀粉酶检测底物        5g        I-AZAMY
AZCL-Arabinan(Debranched)        1,5-a-L-阿拉伯聚糖内切酶检测底物        3g        I-AZDAR
AZCL-Arabinoxylan(Wheat)        1,5-β-D-木聚糖内切酶检测底物        3g        I-AZWAX
AZCL-Barley Beta-Glucan        麦芽Beta葡聚糖酶、地衣聚糖酶和纤维素酶检测底物        3g        I-AZBGL
AZCL-Casein        蛋白酶 检测底物        4g        I-AZCAS
AZCL-HE-Cellulose        纤维素内切酶检测底物        3g        I-AZCEL
AZCL-Chitosan        脱乙酰几丁质酶/脱乙酰壳多糖酶检测底物        4g        I-AZCHAN
AZCL-Collagen        蛋白酶检测底物        4g        I-AZCOL
AZCL-Curdlan        1,3-β-D-葡聚糖内切酶检测底物        3g        I-AZCUR
AZCL-Dextran(No.B-512)        1,6-a-D-葡聚糖内切酶检测底物        3g        I-AZDEX
AZCL-Galactan(Potato)        1,4-β-D-半乳糖内切酶检测底物        3g        I-AZGLP
AZCL-Galactomannan(Carob)        1,4-β-D-甘露聚糖内切酶检测底物        3g        I-AZGMA
Azo-Alpha-Cellulose        纤维素内切酶检测底物        10g        I-ACELL
Azo-Avicel        纤维素内切酶检测底物        10g        I-AAVIC
AZCL-Pachyman        1,3-β-D-葡聚糖内切酶检测底物        3g        I-AZPAC
AZCL-Pullulan        极限糊精酶(普鲁兰酶)检测底物        3g        I-AZPUL
AZCL-Rhamnogalacturonan I        鼠李聚糖半乳糖醛酸水解酶和裂解酶检测底物        2g        I-AZRHI
AZCL-Xylan(Birchwood)        1,4-β-D-木聚糖内切酶检测底物        4g        I-AZXBW
AZCL-Xyloglucan(Tamannd)        纤维素内切酶检测底物        4g        I-AZXYG

产品名称        产品描述        规格         产品编号
Arabinase (C.japonicus)        阿拉伯聚糖酶(C.japonicus)        3000        E-ARBACJ
Arabinofuranosidase (C. japonicus)        阿拉伯呋喃糖酶(C.japonicus)        500        E-ABFCJ
Arabinofuranosidase (C. thermocellum)        阿拉伯呋喃糖酶 (C.thermocellum)        500        E-ABFCT
α-L-Arabinofuranosidase (Ustilago maydis)        阿拉伯呋喃糖酶 (Ustilago maydis)        400U        E-ABFUM
Acetyl-CoA Synthetase (B. subtilis)        乙酰辅酶A合成酶(枯草杆菌)        250        E-ACSBS
Acid phosphatase (E.coli)        酸性磷酸酯酶(大肠杆菌)        400        E-ACPEC
Adenylate Kinase(Myokinase) (prokaryote)        腺苷酸激酶(肌激酶)(原核生物)        10000        E-AMPK
Alcohol dehydrogenase(E.coli)        乙醇脱氢酶(大肠杆菌)        1000        E-ADHEC
Alkaline Phosphatase (E. coli)        碱性磷酸酯酶(大肠杆菌)        400        E-ALPEC
Alpha-Amylase(A.oryzae)        Alpha淀粉酶(米麴菌)        20000        E-ANAAM
Alpha-Amylase(B.licheniformis)        Alpha淀粉酶(苔藓杆菌)        10ml        E-BLAAM-10ML
Alpha-Amylase(B.licheniformis)        Alpha淀粉酶(苔藓杆菌)        40ml        E-BLAAM-40ML
Alpha-Amylase(B.licheniformis)        Alpha淀粉酶(苔藓杆菌)        100ml        E-BLAAM-100ML
Alpha-Amylase (Porcine pancreas)        Alpha淀粉酶(猪胰)        2 g        E-PANAA
α-Amylase (Bacillus amyloliquefaciens)         Alpha淀粉酶(芽孢杆菌)        8600        E-BAASS
Alpha-Aspartyl dipeptidase (E. coli)        Alpha天冬氨酸二肽酶(大肠杆菌)        2000        E-DIPEP
β-Amylase(Barley)        Beta淀粉酶(大麦)        50000        E-BARBL-50KU
β-Amylase(Barley)        Beta淀粉酶(大麦)        100000        E-BARBL-100KU
β-Amylase(Barley)        Beta淀粉酶(大麦)        2g        E-BARBP
β-Amylase (B. cereus)        Beta淀粉酶(蜡样芽孢杆菌)        20000        E-BAMBC
Amylogucosidaese(A.niger)        淀粉葡萄糖苷酶(黑曲霉)        40ml        E-AMGDF-40ML
Amyloglucosidase (A. niger) (100)        淀粉葡萄糖苷酶(黑曲霉)        100ml        E-AMGDF-100ML
Amyloglucosidase (Aspergillus niger)Powder        淀粉葡萄糖苷酶(黑曲霉)粉剂        4g – 36,000 Units/g        E-AMGDFPD
Amylogucosidaese(Rhizopus sp.)        淀粉葡萄糖苷酶(根霉)        5000        E-AMGPU
endo-1,5-a-L-Arabinanase(A.niger)        1,5-a-L-阿拉伯聚糖内切酶(黑曲霉)        400        E-EARAB
a-L-Arabinofuranosidase(A.niger)        a-L-阿拉伯呋喃糖酶(黑曲霉)        480        E-AFASE
a-L-Arabinofuranosidase(novel specificity)        a-L-阿拉伯呋喃糖酶(新)        400        E-AFAM2
Asparaginase (E. coli)        天冬酰胺酶(大肠杆菌)        400        E-ASNEC
Cellobiohydrolase I(T.longibrachiatum)        纤维素二糖水解酶I(长枝木霉)        20mg        E-CBHI
Cellulase(endo-1,4-D-Glucanase)(A.niger)        纤维素酶(1,4-D-葡聚糖内切酶 黑曲霉)        2000        E-CELAN
Cellulase (endo-1,4-B-D-Glucanase) (B.amyloliquefaciens)        纤维素酶(1,4-D-葡聚糖内切酶 解淀粉芽孢杆菌)        3500        E-CELBA
Cellulase(endo-1,4-D-Glucanase)(T.emersonii)        纤维素酶(1,4-D-葡聚糖内切酶 emersonii蓝状菌)        2000        E-CELTE
Cellulase(endo-1,4-D-Glucanase)(T.longibrachiatum)        纤维素酶(1,4-D-葡聚糖内切酶 长枝木霉)        1000        E-CELTR
Cellulase (endo-1,4-B-D-Glucanase) (T. maritima)        纤维素酶(1,4-D-葡聚糖内切酶,海栖热袍菌)        2000        E-CELTM
Citrate Synthase(E.coli)        柠檬酸合酶(大肠杆菌)        50        E-CITEC
Cytidylate Kinase(prokaryote)        胞嘧啶核苷酸激酶(原核生物)        500        E-CMPK
Diaphorase(E.coli)        黄递酶(大肠杆菌)        1000        E-DIAEC
Feruloyl esterase (rumen microorganism)         阿魏酸酯酶(瘤胃微生物)        1000        E-FAERU
Feruloyl esterase (Clostridium thermocellum)        阿魏酸酯酶(芽孢杆菌)        10 U (~ 1800 U on FAXX)
Formate dehydrogenase(C.boidini)        甲酸脱氢酶(C.boidini)        300        E-FDHCB
a-Fucosidase (Thermostable) (T. Maritima)        岩藻糖苷酶(耐热,海栖热袍菌)        10        E-FUCTM
endo-1,4-β-D-Galactanase(A.niger)        1,4-β-D-半乳糖内切酶(黑曲霉)        1000        E-EGALN
endo-1,4-b-D-Galactanase (C. thermocellum)        1,4-β-D-半乳糖内切酶(C. thermocellum)        350        E-GALCT
endo-1,4-b-D-Galactanase (C. japonicus)        1,4-β-D-半乳糖内切酶(C. japonicus)        1500        E-GALCJ
Galactose Dehydrogenase(soil prokaryote)        半乳糖脱氢酶(土壤原核生物)        200        E-GALDH
Galactose Dehydrogenase / Galactose Mutarotase        半乳糖脱氢酶/半乳糖变旋酶        1 mL        E-GALMUT
a-Galactosidase(A.niger)        a半乳糖苷酶(黑曲霉)        2000        E-AGLAN
α-Galactosidase (Aspergillus niger) Powder        a半乳糖苷酶(黑曲霉)粉剂        3000        E-AGLANP
a-Galactosidase(Guar)        a半乳糖苷酶(瓜尔豆)        1000        E-AGLGU
α-Galactosidase (Penicillium simplicissimum)        a半乳糖苷酶(青霉菌)        2000U        E-AGALPS
beta-Galactosidase(A.niger)        β-半乳糖苷酶(黑曲霉)        8000        E-BGLAN
Xyloglucanase (GH5) (Paenibacillus sp.)Xyloglucan-specific endo-1,4-β-glucanase        木葡聚糖酶1,4-β-葡聚糖内切酶(类芽孢杆菌)        3000        E-XEGP
endo-1,3-b-D-Glucanase(Trichoderma sp.)        1,3-b-D葡聚糖内切酶(木霉菌)        100        E-LAMSE
endo-1,3-(4)-D-Glucanase (C.thermocellum)        1,3-(4)-D葡聚糖内切酶(C.thermocellum)        5000        E-LICACT
exo-1,3-D-b-Glucanase(Trichoderma sp.)        1,3-D-β葡聚糖外切酶(木霉菌)+        200        E-EXBGL
exo-1,3-b-D- Glucanase (Trichoderma sp.) + Beta Glucosidase (A. niger)        1,3-D-β葡聚糖外切酶(木霉菌)+β葡萄糖苷酶(黑曲霉)        300 / 60        E-EXBGOS
Gluconokinase(E.coli)        葡萄糖激酶(大肠杆菌)        1500        E-GLUKEC
Glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase (E. coli) NEW        6磷酸葡萄糖脱氢酶(大肠杆菌)        5000        E-GPDH5
Glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase        6磷酸葡萄糖脱氢酶(大肠杆菌)        5000        E-GPDHEC
a-Glucosidase(Maltase)(yeast)        Alpha葡萄糖苷酶(麦芽糖酶)(酵母)        2000        E-MALTS
a-Glucosidase(B.stearothermophilus)        Alpha葡萄糖苷酶(嗜热脂肪芽孢杆菌)        1500        E-TSAGL
a-Glucosidase (Transglucosidase)(A.nigher)        Alpha葡萄糖苷酶(转葡萄糖苷酶)(黑曲霉)        2000        E-TRNGL
α-Glucosidase (thermostable) (Thermotoga maritima)        Alpha葡萄糖苷酶(耐热的)(海栖热袍菌)        500U        E-AGLUTM
β-Glucosidase(A.niger)        Beta葡萄糖苷酶(黑曲霉)        200        E-BGLUC
β-Glucosidase(Agrobactenumsp)        Beta葡(萄)糖苷酶(农杆菌)        600        E-BGOSAG
β-Glucosidase(thermostable)(T.maritima)        Beta葡(萄)糖苷酶(耐热)(热海栖热袍菌)        460        E-BGOSTM
Glutamate Oxaloacetate Transaminase(E.coli)        谷氨酸草酰乙酸转氨酶(大肠杆菌)        5000        E-GOTEC
D-Glutamic-Pyruvic Transaminase (B. subtilis) NEW        D-谷氨酸-丙酮酸转氨酶(枯草杆菌)        2500        E-GPTBS
Glutaminase(E.coli)        谷氨酰胺酶(大肠杆菌)        2500        E-GLUTEC
Glucose Oxidase/Gatalase Mixture        葡萄糖氧化酶/过氧化物酶混合物          2 vials        E-GOXCA
Guanylate Kinase(prokaryote)        鸟苷酸激酶(原核生物)        500        E-GMPK
3-Hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase(prokaryote)        3-羟丁酸脱氢酶(原核生物)        200        E-HBDH
Hexokinase         己糖激酶        10000        E-HEX10
Hexokinase (420U/ml)+G6PDH(210U/ml)        己糖激酶(420U/ml)+葡萄糖-6-铃酸脱氢酶(210U/ml)        10ml        E-HKGDH
Hyaluronate lyase (novel specificity)(soil prokaryote)        透明质酸(裂解)酶(新品)(土壤原核生物)        50        E-HYLSP
myo-inositol Dehydrogenase (B.subtilis)        肌醇脱氢酶(枯草杆菌)        500        E-INDHBS
endo-Inulinase (Aspergillus niger)(Recombinant)        菊粉内切酶(黑曲霉)        500        E-ENDOIAN
exo-Inulinase (Aspergillus niger) (Recombinant)        菊粉内切酶(黑曲霉)        5000        E-EXOIAN
Fructanase Mixture (purified-liquid) Enzyme        果聚糖酶混合物(高纯-液体)        20ml        E-FRMXLQ
Fructanase Mixture (purified-powder) Enzyme        果聚糖酶混合物(高纯-粉剂)        20,000 U        E-FRMXPD
Invertase (Powder) (yeast)        转化酶/蔗糖酶(粉末)(酵母)        2g        E-INVPD2
Invertase (Powder) (yeast)        转化酶/蔗糖酶(粉末)(酵母)        5g        E-INVPD5
Invertase(Fructofuranosidase)(yeast)        蔗糖酶(β-呋喃果糖苷酶)(酵母)        200000        E-INVRT
Isoamylase(Glycogen 6-glucanohydrolase)        异淀粉酶(糖原6-葡萄糖苷酶)        1000        E-ISAMY
Isocitrate dehydrogenase (B.subtilis)        异柠檬酸脱氢酶(枯草杆菌)        2000        E-ICDHBS
D-Lactate dehydrogenase (L. mesenteroides)        D-乳酸脱氢酶        22000        E-DLDHLM
Lichenase(endo-1,3(4)-D-Glucanase)(Bacillus sp.)        地衣聚糖酶(1,3(4)-D葡聚糖内切酶)(芽孢杆菌)        5000        E-LICHN
D-Malate dehydrogenase (E.coli)        D-苹果酸脱氢酶(大肠杆菌)        200        E-DMDHEC
L-Malate dehydrogenase (E.coli)        L-苹果酸脱氢酶(大肠杆菌)        50000        E-LMDHEC
beta-mannanase (A.niger)        甘露聚糖酶(黑曲霉)        500        E-BMANN
endo-1,4 β-Mannanase (Bacillus sp.)        甘露聚糖酶(芽孢杆菌)        2000        E-BMABS
endo-1,4-β-Mannanase (Bacillus circulans)        甘露聚糖酶(芽孢杆菌)        1000U        E-BMABC
beta-Mannanase (C.japonicus)        甘露聚糖酶(C.japonicus)        10000        E-BMACJ
beta-Mannanase(t.maritima)        甘露聚糖酶(海栖热袍菌)        250        E-BMATM
Mannitol dehydrogenase (P.fluorescens)        甘露醇脱氢酶(荧光假单胞菌)        500        E-MNHPF
β-Mannosidase(C.fimi)        b-甘露糖苷酶(纤维单胞菌)        200        E-BMOSCF
Malt Amylase Standard         麦芽淀粉酶标准品        100 mL        E-MAST
Pectate Lyase (Aspergillus sp.)        果胶裂解酶(曲霉属)        7500        E-PCLYAN2
Pectate Lyase (Aspergillus sp.)        果胶裂解酶(曲霉属)        7000        E-PCLYAN
Pectate lyase (Cellvibrio japonicus)        果胶裂解酶(纤维弧菌)        2500        E-PLYCJ
Phosphoglucose Isomerase (B.subtilis)        磷酸葡糖异构酶(枯草杆菌)        5000        E-PGIBS-5KU
Phosphoglucose Isomerase (B.subtilis)        磷酸葡糖异构酶(枯草杆菌)        50000        E-PGIBS-50KU
Phosphoglucose Isomerase (E.coli)        磷酸葡糖异构酶(大肠杆菌)        10000        E-PGIEC-10KU
Phosphoglucose Isomerase (E.coli)        磷酸葡糖异构酶(大肠杆菌)        50000        E-PGIEC-50KU
6-Phosphogluconate dehydrogenase (E.coli)        6-磷酸葡糖酸脱氢酶(大肠杆菌)        150        E-PGDHEC
Phosphoglucose Isomerase (S.cerevisiae)        磷酸葡糖异构酶(酿酒酵母)        5000        E-PGISC-5KU
Phosphoglucose Isomerase (S.cerevisiae)        磷酸葡糖异构酶(酿酒酵母)        50000        E-PGISC-50KU
Phosphomannose Isomerase (E.coli)        磷酸甘露糖异构酶(大肠杆菌)        1000        E-PMIEC
endo-PolygalacturonanaseM1(A.niger)        聚半乳糖醛酸苷酶M1(黑曲霉)        5000        E-PGALS
endo-PolygalacturonanaseM2(A.niger)        聚半乳糖醛酸苷酶M2(黑曲霉)        10000        E-PGALUSP
Protease(Subtilisin A)(B.licheniformis)        蛋白酶(枯草杆菌)(对地衣芽孢杆菌)        2g(40mL)        E-BSPRT-40ml
Protease(Subtilisin A)(B.licheniformis)        蛋白酶(枯草杆菌)(对地衣芽孢杆菌)        5g(100ml)        E-BSPRT-100ml
Protease(Subtilisin A)(B.licheniformis)        蛋白酶(枯草杆菌)(对地衣芽孢杆菌)        0.5g(10ml)        E-BSPRT-10ml
Protease(Subtilisin A)(B.licheniformis)        蛋白酶(枯草杆菌)(对地衣芽孢杆菌)        1g        E-BSPRTD
Phosphotransacetylase (B.Subtilis)        磷酸转乙酰酶(枯草杆菌)        3000        E-PTABS
Pullulanase M1(K.planticola)        普鲁兰酶M1(植生克雷伯氏菌)        700        E-PULKP
Pullulanase M2(B.licheniformis)        普鲁兰酶M2(对地衣芽孢杆菌)        2000        E-PULBL
Succinul-CoA synthetase(prokaryote)        琥珀酰辅酶A合成酶(原核生物)        550        E-SCOAS
Sucrase(maltase)(yeast)        蔗糖酶(麦芽糖酶)(酵母)        300        E-SUCR
Thymidylate Kinase(prokaryote)        胸苷酸激酶(原核生物)        150        E-TMPK
Trehalase (prokaryote)        海藻糖酶(原核生物)        4200        E-TREH
Xylanase (A.punctata)        木聚糖酶(A.punctata)        40        E-XYNAP
Xylanase (C.mixtus)        木聚糖酶(C.mixtus)        1500        E-XYNBCM
Xylanase (C.japonicus)        木聚糖酶(C.japonicus)        500        E-XYNACJ
Xylanase (N.patriciarum)        木聚糖酶(N.patriciarum)        2000        E-XYLNP
Xylanase M1(T.viride)        木聚糖酶M1(绿色木霉菌)        8000        E-XYTR1
Xylanase M2(T.longibrachiatum;pl5.5)        木聚糖酶M2(长枝木酶)        4000        E-XYTR2
Xylanase M3(T.longibrachiatum;pl9.0)        木聚糖酶M3(长枝木酶)        8000        E-XYTR3
Xylanase M4(A.niger)        木聚糖酶M4(黑曲霉)        8000        E-XYAN4
XylanaseM6(rumen microorganism)        木聚糖酶M6(瘤胃微生物)        8000        E-XYRU6
exo-1,4-Beta-D-Xylosidase        1,4-Beta-D-木糖苷外切酶        200        E-BXSEBP
exo-1,4-β-D-Xylosidase (S. ruminantium)        1,4-Beta-D-木糖苷外切酶        1000        E-BXSR
exo-1,4-β-D-Xylosidase (S. ruminantium)        1,4-Beta-D-木糖苷外切酶        3000        E-BXSRB
endo-1,4-β-Xylanase (Thermotoga maritima)        1,4-b-木聚糖酶(海栖热袍菌)        7500        E-XYLATM
Isopullulanase (Aspergillus niger)        异支链淀粉酶(曲霉菌)        2000U        E-ISPUAN
Xylose dehydrogenase + Xylose mutarotase        木糖脱氢酶+木糖变旋酶        2.5ml        E-XYLMUT

Megazyme多糖 聚糖 多聚糖P
产品名称        产品描述        规格         产品编号
Arabinan(sugar beet)        阿拉伯聚糖(甜菜)        8g        P-ARAB
Debranched Arabinan(sugar beet)        脱支阿拉伯聚糖(甜菜)        2g        P-DBAR
Linear 1,5-a-L-Arabinan(sugar beet)        Linear 1,5-a-L-阿拉伯聚糖(甜菜)        500mg        P-LARB
CM-Linear 1,5-a-L-Arabinan(sugar beet)        CM-Linear 1,5-a-L-阿拉伯聚糖(甜菜)        2 vials        P-CMLA
Arabinogalactan(larch wood)        阿拉伯半乳糖(落叶松)        25g        P-ARGAL
Arabinoxylan(rye flour)        阿拉伯糖基木聚糖(黑麦粉)        3g        P-RAXY
Arabinoxylan(low viscosity-2cSt)        阿拉伯糖基木聚糖(低粘度-10cSt)        3g        P-WAXYL
Arabinoxylan(medium viscosity-20cSt)        阿拉伯糖基木聚糖(中粘度-30cSt)        3g        P-WAXYM
Arabinoxylan(high viscosity-45cSt)        阿拉伯糖基木聚糖(高粘度-43cSt)        3g        P-WAXYH
Arabinoxylan(wheat flour;insoluble)        阿拉伯糖基木聚糖(小麦粉;不可溶)        5g        P-WAXYI
Wheat Arabinoxylan (acid debranched, 22% Ara)        阿拉伯糖基木聚糖(小麦, 22% Ara)        3g        P-ADWAX22
Wheat Arabinoxylan (acid debranched, 26% Ara)        阿拉伯糖基木聚糖(小麦, 26% Ara)        3g        P-ADWAX26
Wheat Arabinoxylan (enzyme debranched, 30% Ara)        阿拉伯糖基木聚糖(小麦, 30% Ara)        3g        P-EDWAX30
Beta-Glucan(barley;low viscosity)        Beta葡聚糖(大麦;低粘度)        5g        P-BGBL
Beta-Glucan(barley;medium viscosity)        Beta葡聚糖(大麦;中粘度)        5g        P-BGBM
Beta-Glucan(barley;high viscosity)        Beta葡聚糖(大麦;高粘度)        5g        P-BGBH
Beta-Glucan CIF Standard(previously FIA Standard)        Beta葡聚糖CFA(即以前的FIA标准)        4vials        P-BGCFA
Beta-Glucan  MW  Standard        Beta葡聚糖(MW Standard)        6*500mg        P-MWBGS
Beta-Glucan (Oat; medium viscosity)        Beta葡聚糖(燕麦;中黏度)        5g        P-BGOM
Beta-Glucan (Oat; high viscosity)        Beta葡聚糖(燕麦;高黏度)        5g        P-BGOH
Beta-Glucan (Yeast;alkall soluble)        Beta葡聚糖(酵母;碱溶性的)        2g        P-BGYST
Beta-Limit Dextrin        Beta极限糊精        10g        P-BLDX
Beta-Limit Dextrin 50        Beta极限糊精        50g        P-BLDX50
Carboxymethyl Cellulose 4M        羧甲基纤维素4M        40g        P-CMC4M
Curdlan        热凝胶多糖(可得然胶)        8g        P-CURDL
CM-Curdlan        CM-热凝胶多糖(可得然胶)        4g        P-CMCUR
Galactan(lupin)        半乳糖(羽扇豆)        3g        P-GALLU
Galactan(tomato)        半乳糖(土豆)        3g        P-GALPOT
Galactomannan (carob;low viscosity)        半乳甘露聚糖(角豆;低粘度)        4g        P-GALML
Galactomannan (carob;high viscosity)        半乳甘露聚糖(角豆;高粘度)        5g        P-GALMH
Galactomannan (guar;medium viscosity)        半乳甘露聚糖(瓜尔豆;中粘度)        4g        P-GGMMV
Galactomannan (guar;high viscosity)        半乳甘露聚糖(瓜尔豆;高粘度)        4g        P-GGMHV
Galactomannan (Guar;High Visc.Galdepleted;28%Gal)        半乳甘露聚糖(瓜尔豆;高粘度;半乳糖)        4g        P-GGM28
Galactomannan (Guar;High Visc.Galdepleted;21%Gal)        半乳甘露聚糖(瓜尔豆;高粘度;半乳糖)        4g        P-GGM21
Galactomannan (konjac;low viscosity)        葡甘露聚糖(魔芋;低粘度)        4g        P-GLCML
Galactomannan (konjac;high viscosity)        葡甘露聚糖(魔芋;高粘度)        3g        P-GLCMH
Lichenan(icelandic moss)        地衣淀粉/地衣多糖(冰岛苔)        4g        P-LICHN
Mannan(ivory nut)        甘露聚糖(象牙棕榈之果实)        3g        P-MANIV
Mannan(1,4-b-D-mannan)        甘露聚糖(1,4-b-D-甘露聚糖)        4g        P-MANCB
Pachyman(1,3-b-D-glucan)        茯苓聚糖(1,3-b-D-葡聚糖)        5g        P-PACHY
CM-Pachyman        CM-茯苓聚糖        3g        P-CMPAC
Pectic Galactan(lupin)        果胶半乳糖(羽扇豆)        4g        P-PGALU
Pectic Galactan(tomato)        果胶半乳糖(土豆)        4g        P-PGAPT
Polygalacturonic Acid(PGA)        聚半乳糖醛酸(PGA)        9g        P-PGACT
Pullulan        普鲁兰多糖        10g        P-PULLN
Pullulan(NaBH4 reduced)        普鲁兰(用于检测普鲁兰酶)        5g        P-PULLBH
Ramnogalacturonan(potato)        鼠李聚糖半乳糖醛酸(土豆)        2g        P-RHAM1
Ramnogalacturonan(soy bean)        鼠李聚糖半乳糖醛酸(大豆)        5g        P-RHAGN
Xyloglucan(tamarind)        木糖葡萄糖(罗望子果)        3g        P-XYGLN
Xylan (Beechwood; purified)        木聚糖(山毛榉)        10g        P-XYLNBE-10G
Xylan (Beechwood; purified)        木聚糖(山毛榉)        20g        P-XYLNBE-20G

产品名称        产品描述        规格         产品编号
ALDOURONIC ACIDS(FROM XYLAN)        醛糖二糖酸(来自木聚糖)
Aldouronic Acids Mixture        葡萄糖苷酸酶检测底物        200mg        O-AMX
Aldouronic Acids Mixture(NaBH4 Reduced)        葡萄糖苷酸酶检测底物        100mg        O-AMXR

63-α-D-Glucosyl-Maltotriosyl-Maltotriose        葡萄糖基-麦芽三塘基-麦芽三糖        50mg        O-GMT
63-D-Glucosyl-Maltotriosyl-Maltotriose         葡萄糖基-麦芽三塘基-麦芽三糖        30mg        O-GMH
63-α-D-maltotriosyl-maltotriose                 100 mg        O-MTMT

1,5-a-l-L-ARABINO-OLIGOSACCHARIDES        阿拉伯树胶糖
Arabinobiose(purity > 95%)(syrup)        阿拉伯树胶二糖(纯度>95%)(浆)        50mg        O-ABI
Arabinotriose(purity > 95%)(syrup)        阿拉伯树胶三糖(纯度>95%)(浆)        50mg        O-ATR
Arabinotetraose(purity > 95%)(syrup)        阿拉伯树胶四糖(纯度>95%)(浆)        30mg        O-ATE
Arabinopentaose(purity > 95%)(syrup)        阿拉伯树胶五糖(纯度>95%)(浆)        30mg        O-APE
Arabinohexaose(purity > 95%)(powder)        阿拉伯树胶六糖(纯度>95%)(粉)        20mg        O-AHE
Arabinoheptaose(purity > 95%)(powder)        阿拉伯树胶七糖(纯度>95%)(粉)        15mg        O-AHP
Arabino-octaose(purity > 90%)(powder)        阿拉伯树胶八糖(纯度>95%)(粉)        10mg        O-AOC

1-Kestose        蔗糖三糖        100mg        O-KTR
1,1-Kestotetraose        蔗糖四糖        100mg        O-KTE
1,1,1-Kestopentaose        蔗糖五糖        40mg        O-KPE

61-α-D-Galactosyl-Mannotriose         61-α-D-半乳岑糖/甘露三糖        40mg        O-GM2
63,64-α-D-Galactosyl-Mannopentaose        63,64-α-D-半乳-甘露戊糖        20mg        O-GM3
61-α-D-Galactosyl-Mannobiose + Mannotriose          61-α-D-半乳-甘露二糖+岑糖        100mg        O-GMM3
63,64-D-Galactosyl-Mannopentaose          63,64-D-半乳-甘露戊糖        50mg        O-GGM5

Galactobiose(purity > 95%)        半乳二糖(纯度>95%)        50mg        O-GBI
Verbascose        毛蕊花糖(纯度>95%)        50mg        O-VER

1,3-b-D-GLUCO-OLIGOSACCHARIDES        1,3-b-D-葡萄-低聚糖
Laminaribiose(purity > 95%)        昆布二糖(纯度>95%)        50mg        O-LAM2
Laminaritriose(purity > 95%)        昆布三糖(纯度>95%)        50mg        O-LAM3
Laminaritetraose(purity > 95%)        昆布四糖(纯度>95%)        40mg        O-LAM4
Laminaripentaose(purity > 95%)        昆布五糖(纯度>95%)        30mg        O-LAM5
Laminarihexaose(purity > 95%)        昆布六糖(纯度>95%)        30mg        O-LAM6

1,4-D-MANNO-OLIGOSACCHARIDES        1,4-D-甘露-低聚糖
Mannobiose(purity > 95%)        甘露二糖(纯度>95%)        50mg        O-MBI
Mannotriose(purity > 95%)        甘露三糖(纯度>95%)        50mg        O-MTR
Mannotetraose(purity > 95%)        甘露四糖(纯度>95%)        30mg        O-MTE
Mannopentaose(purity > 95%)        甘露五糖(纯度>95%)        30mg        O-MPE
Mannohexaose(purity > 90%)        甘露六糖(纯度>90%)        20mg        O-MHE

p-Nitrophenyl Maltopentaose        对硝基苯麦芽戊糖        1g        O-PNPG5
Blocked p-Nitrophenyl Maltopentaoside        对硝基苯麦芽庚糖苷        4 vials        O-BNPG4
p-Nitrophenyl-β-Xylobioside        对硝基苯-β-木二糖苷        10 mg        O-PNPX2-10
P-Nitrophenyl-β-Xylobioside        对硝基苯-β-木二糖苷        50 mg        O-PNPX2-50

Isoprimeverose(Xyloglucan Derived)        异樱草糖(木聚糖衍生)        50mg        O-IPRM
Xylosyl-cellobiose(borohydride reduced)        木糖基纤维二糖        50mg        O-XCBIR
Heptasaccharide(X3Glc4)        七糖        50mg        O-X3G4
Heptasaccharide(X3Glc4-borohydride reduced)        七糖(还原的氢硼化物)        50mg        O-X3G4R
Hepta+Octa+Nona        七+八+九糖        100mg        O-XGHON
Higher Degree of Pilymerisation Xyloglucan Oligosaccharides        高聚度木糖葡萄糖低聚糖        100mg        O-XGHDP

1,4-b-D-XYLO- OLIGOSACCHARIDES        低聚木糖
Xylobiose(purity > 95%)        木二糖(木乙糖)(纯度>95%)        50mg        O-XBI
Xylotriose(purity > 95%)        木三糖(木丙糖)(纯度>95%)        50mg        O-XTR
Xylotetraose(purity > 95%)        木四糖(木丁糖)(纯度>95%)        30mg        O-XTE
Xylopentaose(purity > 90%)        木五糖(木戊糖)(纯度>90%)        10mg        O-XPE
Xylohexaose(purity > 90%)        木六糖(木己糖)(纯度>90%)        10mg        O-XHE

Acetyl-Chito-OLIGOSACCHARIDES        乙酰壳寡糖
Diacetyl Chitobiose        二乙酰壳二糖        30mg        O-CHI2
Triacety-Chitotriose        三乙酰壳三糖        30mg        O-CHI3
Tetraacetyl-Chitotetraose        四乙酰壳四糖        20mg        O-CHI4
Pentaacetyl-Chitopentaose        五乙酰壳五糖        20mg        O-CHI5
Hexaacetyl-Chitohexaose        六乙酰壳六糖        10mg        O-CHI6

Cello-oligosaccharides; 1,4-ß-D-Gluco-Oligosaccharides        纤维低聚糖
Cellotriose        纤维三糖        50mg        O-CTR50
Cellotriose        纤维三糖        100mg        O-CTR100
Cellotetraose        纤维四糖        50mg        O-CTE50
Cellotetraose        纤维四糖        100mg        O-CTE100
Cellopentaose        纤维五糖        30mg        O-CPE30
Cellopentaose        纤维五糖        100mg        O-CPE100
Cellohexaose        纤维六糖        20mg        O-CHE
1,4-β-D-Cellotriitol (borohydride reduced cellotriose)                 50 mg        O-CTRRD
1,4-β-D-Cellotetraitol (borohydride reduced cellotetraose)                 50 mg        O-CTERD
1,4-β-D-Cellopentaitol (borohydride reduced cellopentaose)                 40 mg        O-CPERD
1,4-β-D-Cellohexaitol (borohydride reduced cellohexaose)                 30 mg        O-CHERD
1,3:1,4 ß-D-Gluco-Oligosaccharides        1,3:1,4 ß-D-葡萄-低聚糖
1,3:1,4-β-Glucotriose (A)        麦芽三糖        50mg        O-BGTRIA
1,3:1,4-β-Glucotriose (8)                 50mg        O-BGTRIB
1,3:1,4-β-Glucotetraose (A)                 10mg        O-BGTETA
1,3:1,4-β-Glucotetraose (B)                  40mg        O-BGTETB
1,3:1,4-β-Glucotetraose (C)                   30mg        O-BGTETC
Arabino-Xylo-Oligosaccharides        阿拉伯糖-木糖-低聚糖
32-α-L-Arabinofuranosyl-xylobiose  (A3X)        C15H26O13        10mg        O-AX2
23-α-L-Arabinofuranosyl-xylotriose (A2XX)        C20H34O17        30mg        O-AX3
23-α-L-Arabinofuranosyl-xylotriose plus 33-α-L-Arabinofuranosyl-xylotriose (A2XX + A3XX)        C20H34O17        10mg        O-AX3MIX
23, 33-di-α-L-Arabinofuranosyl-xylotriose (A2,3XX)                 30mg        O-A2X3
Xyloglucan-Derived Oligosaccharides        木葡聚糖-派生低聚糖
Isoprimeverose (Xyloglucan Derived)        异樱草糖        50 mg        O-IPRM
Xylosyl-cellobiose (borohydride reduced)                 50 mg        O-XCBIR
Heptasaccharide (X3Glc4)                 50 mg        O-X3G4
Heptasaccharide (X3Glc4 – borohydride reduced)                 50 mg        O-X3G4R
Xyloglucan (hepta+octa+nona saccharides)                 100 mg        O-XGHON
Higher Degree of Polymerisation Xyloglucan Oligosaccharides                 100 mg        O-XGHDP
Gluco-Manno-Oligosaccharides        葡萄-甘露-低聚糖
1,4-β-D-Glucosyl-D-Mannose plus 1,4-β-D-Mannobiose                 50 mg        O-GMMBI
1,4-β-D-Glucosyl-D-Mannobiose plus 1,4-β-D-Cellobiosyl-D-Mannose                 50 mg        O-GMMTR
Enzyme Substrates – Colourimetric Substrates        酶底物-荧光底物
2-Chloro-4-nitrophenyl-β-cellopentaoside                 10mg        O-CPNPG5
2-Chloro-4-nitrophenyl-α-mannobioside        C18H24ClNO13        20mg        O-CPNPAM2
2-Chloro-4-nitrophenyl-α-mannotrioside                 20mg        O-CPNPAM3
2-Chloro-4-nitrophenyl-α-mannotetraoside                 10mg        O-CPNPAM4
2-Chloro-4-nitrophenyl-β-cellobioside                 100mg        O-CPNPG2-100
2-Chloro-4-nitrophenyl-β-cellotrioside                 50mg        O-CPNPG3-50
2-Chloro-4-nitrophenyl-β-cellotetraoside                 50mg        O-CPNPG4-50
4-Methylumbelliferyl-α-mannobioside         C22H28O13        20mg        O-4MUAM2
4-Methylumbelliferyl-α-mannotrioside                 20mg        O-4MUAM3
4-Methylumbelliferyl-α-mannotetraoside                 10mg         O-4MUAM4